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Hello there

Yes, it has been a long time.

Not much has been going on, except maybe for me being severely sick for about 2 weeks straight, progressing from puking to a terrible sore throat to losing my voice to my stomach being queasy :( And I have no more sick days so I had to slog my way through work even though I felt like hell. I did manage to go to the doctor, however, and was told there was nothing he could do except give me a heavy duty decongestant. Said decongestant makes me feel like I am floating on the ceiling :P

Today I feel better but I am still coughing like a TB patient. This causes people to flee from me in terror :P Ok I am kidding, but when I went to the mall yesterday I wasn't bothered much by pushy salespeople.

So today is yet another work day, and now I have to deal with everyone being estatic over the Red Sox going to the World Series :P Big whoop. Being a Yankees fan, I do not find this exciting in the least.

Frankly I think they were just lucky :P and that the Rockies are NOT going to be easy.
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