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I am soooo tired..

I haven't been sleeping well lately. The reason? My kitty.

Lately he has been dancing on our bed at random hours of the morning. Usually its around 6-6:30 which doesn't faze me too much because I get up around then. But this morning he started at 4:30AM :P I tossed him out of the bedroom and shut the door. He pawed at the door (making a terrible racket) until he opened it and then started hopping on the bed again. That was about 5:30. I got out of bed and went down to sleep on the couch and he was fine with that and went to sleep on the floor beside me with no more annoyances. I think he was lonely and not just merely hungry.

But I can't keep on getting up multiple times before I actually get up. It makes me so tired.

Any suggestions? A new door with a lock? Keep him awake until we go to bed?
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