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Pet issues once again

First, thanks to everyone for the kitty advice. I have JJ "re-trained" not to get me up until 6 or later. Still no idea why he changed, but relieved to not be getting up at 5AM anymore lol

Second, Jesse and I got two gerbils for his birthday present (it's today). They are two females and SO cute (Leia and Simone). The issue is, we got them a nice cage which is part metal and part plastic. Meaning there is some plastic tubing that requires climbing. Leia loves the tubes. Simone HATES them. And the bad part is, their water bottle is only reachable by a tube. So we have to physically move her up there so she can drink. It's been maybe 15 hours since we got her yesterday. Will she ever want to use the tubes or do we have to cave and get an aquarium or a one level cage instead? We spent close to $50 on this new one which really makes me mad. But at the same time I don't want her to die because she refuses to go up the tube to the water. I suppose we could get a clip on water bottle or maybe make her a little ladder but I dont understand why one loves it and the other does not.

EDIT: We went back to Petco and got a small water bottle that hooks onto the side of the cage that Simone can reach. She drank for about 30 seconds after we put it in lol There is still one tube left that goes up to a little loft area at the top of the cage. Leia made a little nest there with her bedding and tissues and Simone sleeps in the little house at the bottom. Will it be bad for them if they don't sleep together (because Simone won't climb the tube to be with Leia)?
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