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I am a little worried about our new furry friends. We set it up so they have two cages to play in. We put them on top of a bookshelf that is about shoulder high on me. The cages completely cover the top of the bookshelf. The cat cannot jump up there directly. What concerns me is that the computer desk is to the left of the cages. The cat has been caught on the desk but I don’t think he can get on top of the CPU to reach the cages because the modem etc is there. At least I like to think so. And he's declawed too. BUT he has caught mice in our old place so he's not completely helpless.

Both Jesse and Jesse's dad reassured me that the cat CANNOT get up to the gerbils.

I still worry. I have caught him staring at them like he wants to eat them and I always tell him NO in a loud voice. We have left them alone for a few hours before but today it will be twelve hours. I am terrified thinking we will come home to find the cages knocked off and the gerbils dead. Jesse is SO ANGRY at me for worrying :(
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