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Does anyone have experience with a home equity loan? Jess and I have a bit of debt we would like to combine into one low payment..

Jess is away this weekend. I am working a half day tomorrow and a half day Monday. Go me I guess. It's extra money, and extra money is ALWAYS good.

I have lost more weight (down to about 123) but..I sometimes still feel (insert the f word here :P) Yes I am trying very hard not to feel that way but sometimes I just do. It bothers me so much at times. Not as much as it used to, but still more than I would like.

I think the spiders in our house are vampires. I have been getting huge red itchy bites on my body when I sleep lately. I know its not bedbugs because I am anal compulsive about the cleanliness of the bed/sheets etc. I dont think it's mosquitoes because we rarely have the windows open. I know we have a few arachnid guests and I usually don't care because they kill the bad bugs (and plus I sorta like the little guys lol) . But if they are deciding to feed on my blood, then they are not welcome any more :P I got bitten on the knuckle of my finger last night and boy is it annoying.

Sleep now. Must get up to go to work..
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