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My kitty is sick

He is not acting like his normal self. He is listless and spends his whole day on the couch. He doesn't eat with his normal enthusiasm. He does eat, but slowly and leaves a little bit in the bowl.

He usually races me to the food bowl or wakes me up to be fed. He isn't doing that now.

This all happened after we heavy cleaned the house on Saturday. I wonder if something we cleaned with did it.

I need to take him to the vet :( I hope my work understands. They probably won't :P

The question is, should I take him now? or wait until he seems worse? I almost want to take him now, but Jess says I worry too much.

But I KNOW something is wrong with him.

EDIT: He's still pretty enthusastic about his cat treats :P and he is playing with his toy mouse. I still dont think he feels right but is he sick enough for me to take him?

EDIT 2: Ok he was begging when I was making lunch :P (he loves cheese and bread but I don't give it to him) and then he ate some more food. And he spent time trying to get into the closet when I was taking a shower, which is typical naughty behavior in the morning. He seems MUCH more active today. Maybe he is cold? Our heat isn't on yet. It's 61 in here.
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