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Please help!

I know I haven't posted in a while..but I wanted to share a charity that I have been active with for a while. It is called EMRO (Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization) and it is dedicated to preserving the Egyptian Mau line of cats, which is decended from the Pharaohs! I currently give $20 a month to help them out with the kitties in Cairo (even though as most of you know I am on a very tight budget :P) . At the moment they are in dire need of can help by going to this link:

Also the EMRO site itself is:

Even if you can't give, please take a moment to visit the EMRO site. Someday I want to go to Egypt and meet Gloria and all the truly dedicated people who care so much about these cats. I would love to adopt a Mau too but until JJ proves he can get along with other animals (doubtful) that is not going to happen..
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